Instructor Certification


The American Heart Association Instructor Courses teach the methods needed to effectively instruct others in CPR/AED and First Aid Courses. This is a two year certification.


Before taking an Instructor course, candidates must have a current certification card for the provider course that they wish to teach. They must also complete an AHA discipline-specific Instructor Essentials Course for the discipline they want to teach (BLS, Heartsaver). They must have aligned with an AHA Training Center that is accepting new Instructors for that discipline.

Full Process For Becoming An AHA Instructor:

  1. Be accepted by an AHA Training Center prior to enrolling in an Instructor Course and have a completed Instructor Candidate Application to file with that Training Center. The Candidate Application form can be found in the “forms” tab on our website.
  2. Have a current certification card in the discipline for that Instructor Course and be proficient in all the skills of that discipline.
  3. Successfully complete the discipline-specific Instructor Essentials Online course and print the certificate of completion. Approximate course completion times are listed below:
    1. BLS Instructor Essentials – 2 hours
    2. Heartsaver Instructor Essentials – 2 hours
      Your Instructor card will NOT be issued without this certificate.
  4. Successfully complete the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course.
  5. Successfully complete being monitored teaching the first course within six months of completing the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course (Training Center Coordinators can require additional monitoring if needed). The Colorado CPR Association prefers candidates be monitored within 30 days of completing the Instructor course. It will be the responsibility of the students to stay in contact with the Training Center Coordinator to make sure they set up a date and time to be monitored teaching.

Upon successful completion of all of the above steps, candidates will receive an American Heart Association Instructor Card.

The price for the Instructor Course is $131.00. The Instructor Essentials Online Course is $25.00

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